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TerpTastick Double Shot - Orange Creamsicle

TerpTastick Double Shot - Orange Creamsicle

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Do you have the energy to chase down the ice cream truck or stay on the porch on a hot day? Terptastick Double Shot of Orange Creamsicle can make it a breeze. Take citrus terpenes and melt them with a creamy finish to create the perfect memory of a favorite pastime dessert. The TerpTastick Double Shot of Orange Creamsicle adds hours of natural flavor and energy to change the body's power blissfully. A TerpTastick Double Shot is a revitalizing cannabinoid-infused beverage. The balanced blend of terpenes brings excitement to your mouth with a sweet and creamy taste when you need it most without the crash hours later.

#terpified wherever you go

Wake up your inner child and explore terpenes wherever you go. Your curiosity is boundless with terpenes made to empower your body's cells. Your cells can produce their energy from the power of hemp to energize your day. Your body empowers your cells to create this energy without caffeine. The Double Shot of TerpTastick terpenes equals the overprocessed bullish monster of stars drinks found today without the crash hours later. Plus, they're easy to store, fast to take, and are felt within moments. Grab a bottle or three for your next adventure, and stock up with a Neapolitan case. Take one or all three of your favorite TerpTastick Double Shots to a #terpified life. Go out and get #terpified!

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