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TerpTastick - Double Shot Strawberry Shortcake

TerpTastick - Double Shot Strawberry Shortcake

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Get Natural Rejuvenation in One Beverage

Remember the juiciest strawberry that you ever tasted? The fluffiest vanilla pound cake glazed with strawberries to perfection and topped with whipped cream? It's time to bring back natural, fun flavors and let your tastebuds fly! A TerpTastick Double Shot is a revitalizing cannabinoid-infused beverage. The balanced blend of terpenes brings your pallet a sweet and creamy taste without the crash hours later. A TerpTastick Double Shot of Strawberry Shortcake will surprise you with its size, and double the punch of natural ingredients to speed up the delivery to take on what the body needs; a lasting sensation of alertness and energy.

It's the #terpified solution.

Every bottle contains essential ingredients for the body to perform naturally. Your body empowers your cells to produce this energy without caffeine. The Double Shot of TerpTastick terpenes equals the overprocessed bullish monster of stars drinks found today. After you remove the cap and experience the #terpified taste, you'll quickly feel the power return to your body. So, grab a bottle or three for your next adventure and stock up with a Neopolitan case. It's a terptastick way to make the most of your day. Go out and get #terpified!

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